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Air + Membrane Diffusers 250mm

Air + Membrane Diffusers 250mm


Product Description
AIR+ Membrane Diffusers are used for aeration of
water and wastewater. When air is injected into the
diffuser, the rubber membrane lifts off the
plastic support base, resulting in thousands of
holes opening and releasing air.
The circular membrane diffusers provide a high
level of oxygen transfer into water & wastewater, with
a uniform, controlled air bubble size. This aids
management of dissolved oxygen levels in natural
waters, in wastewater to minimise odour, in aerobic
biological treatment processes and in aquaculture.


 Product Benefits
The flat, large diameter design offers the following
• High oxygen transfer efficiencies
• Low cost, easy to install.
• Rubber EPDM membrane ensures long service life
• Effective over a wide range of air flows.
• Pores in the rubber diaphragm close when the air
supply is removed. This prevents the diffuser pores
from becoming clogged.
• Thousands of pores emit streams of fine bubbles.
Bubble size is approx. 1-3 mm in diameter
• Low pressure drop of 4 kPa.
• Even air distribution over the full range of air flows.

 Typical Applications
The AIR+ Membrane Diffusers may be used for many
types of aeration applications including:
• small, domestic aerated wastewater treatment
systems (AWTS)
• industrial wastewater treatment plants
• municipal wastewater treatment plants
• wastewater lagoons
• lakes & rivers
• aquaculture and fish ponds.

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