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Chromate Test Kit

Chromate Test Kit


 Product Description

Chromate and Chrome are toxic chemicals used in
many industrial processes such as electroplating,
powder coating and tanning. Wastewater discharges
to sewer and to the environment are strictly regulated.
The Chromate Test Kit offers a fast & reliable method
for monitoring water quality when chromate or chrome
is of concern.
Each Test Kit contains 100 test strips. The Test Strips
have a small “reaction zone” that changes colour in
proportion to the concentration of Chrome six.
Chromate and Chrome concentration is determined
visually using a colorimetric method of comparing test
strip colour change to a colour coded reference chart.
The measurement range is:
• Chromate: 3-100 mg/L
• Chrome (hexavalent): 1-45 mg/L
The test procedure is fast, requiring only about one
minute to complete.

Supply Information

The Chromate Test Kit is supplied in a plastic box
complete with:
• 100 Test strips in a resealable jar
• Bottle of acid reagent
• Plastic test vessel
• Instruction Manual

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