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DamClear Clarity Aid PD 200L drum

DamClear Clarity Aid PD 200L drum


 Product Description
DamClear Clarity Aid PD is a high performance,
synthetic polymer for clarification of water
contaminated with finely suspended solids such as
clays and sediment.
Clarity Aid PD is supplied as a liquid solution and is
available in pack sizes of 1 Litre & 5 Litre bottles, and
20 Litre & 200 Litre drums.

Product Features
• Does not affect salinity √ • Fast acting √
• Does not affect water pH √ • Low cost √
• Low application rates √
• Good for where water is recycled √

Typical Applications
DamClear Clarity Aid PD is suitable for applications
where the treated water is reused after clarification and
when water will be used for domestic consumption.
Clays such as bentonite and montmorillinite, which are
classified as swelling clays, are very stable when
dispersed in water. Left untreated they may take many
weeks to naturally clarify. Similarly, water contaminated
with ultrafine and colloidal clays can also be very slow
to clarify. DamClear Clarity Aid PD rapidly clarifies
difficult to treat turbid water.

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