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DamClear Floc Blocks 100g - AN1 grade (60 pack)

DamClear Floc Blocks 100g - AN1 grade (60 pack)


DamClear Floc Block - AN1 grade

Is generally best suited to sediments and clays,  

and to applications where water pH is around  

neutral (7-9) and where the salinity is relatively  

low (<400 conductivity).

 Product Description
DamClear Floc Blocs are a simple, convenient
method for applying flocculant polymers to water
requiring clarification.
Floc Blocs consist of fine granules of powder grade
flocculant dispersed in a solid, but readily water
soluble polymer. The carrier polymer is non-toxic. As
water flows over the Bloc, flocculant is released which
reacts with sediment, causing solids to settle rapidly
and leaving clear treated water.

Product Features

• Low application rates √ • Fast acting √
• Good aquatic toxicity √ • Safe for Fish √
• Does not affect water pH √ • Low cost √
• Does not affect water salinity √
• Can be applied during storm events √

 Typical Applications

• Construction sites
Clarification of storm water on building sites,
and commercial & residential developments.
• Road Construction
Clarification of storm water run-off in Sediment
Retention Basins for road, rail and tunnel
• Dam Water
Clarification of clay contaminated river and dam
water for live stock, irrigation and horticulture
and for ascetic improvement.

• Industrial Wastewater
Clarification of trade & industrial wastewater to
remove solids and to thicken sludge.
• Mines & Quarries
Clarification of storm water run-off from mining
operations & stock piles at rock, sand & gravel
quarries. Clarification of water from drilling
• Biological wastewater
Sludge settling aid and for thickening and
clarification of food processing wastewater and
sewage wastewater.

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