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DamClear Floc Blocks 100g - CT1 grade (60 pack)

DamClear Floc Blocks 100g - CT1 grade (60 pack)


DamClear Floc Block - CT1 grade

Is generally best suited to biological sludge

such as sewage and food wastewater treatment

in dams, DAF’s and settling tanks and for  dewatering.

 Product Description
DamClear Floc Blocs are a simple, convenient
method for applying flocculant polymers to water
requiring clarification.
Floc Blocs consist of fine granules of powder grade
flocculant dispersed in a solid, but readily water
soluble polymer. The carrier polymer is non-toxic. As
water flows over the Bloc, flocculant is released which
reacts with sediment, causing solids to settle rapidly
and leaving clear treated water.

Product Features

• Low application rates √ • Fast acting √
• Good aquatic toxicity √ • Safe for Fish √
• Does not affect water pH √ • Low cost √
• Does not affect water salinity √
• Can be applied during storm events √

 Typical Applications

• Construction sites
Clarification of storm water on building sites,
and commercial & residential developments.
• Road Construction
Clarification of storm water run-off in Sediment
Retention Basins for road, rail and tunnel
• Dam Water
Clarification of clay contaminated river and dam
water for live stock, irrigation and horticulture
and for ascetic improvement.

• Industrial Wastewater
Clarification of trade & industrial wastewater to
remove solids and to thicken sludge.
• Mines & Quarries
Clarification of storm water run-off from mining
operations & stock piles at rock, sand & gravel
quarries. Clarification of water from drilling
• Biological wastewater
Sludge settling aid and for thickening and
clarification of food processing wastewater and
sewage wastewater.

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