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DamClear SD Flocculant A30SD

DamClear SD Flocculant A30SD


Product Description
DamClear Self Dispersing (SD) Flocculants are a
granulated version of the more common powder
grade flocculants. The granulation process
incorporates a binder that enables the product to
dissolve in water without the need for traditional prewetting
devices that are otherwise required to
prevent formation of insoluble gels. SD Flocculants
are supplied at a controlled particle size of 1-3.5 mm

When dissolved in water DamClear SD Flocculants
are used for water clarification on construction sites,
in storm water retention dams, mine water dams,
farm dams and for wastewater clarifiers. It is low
cost, fast acting, environmentally safe & does not
affect water pH or salinity. It contains no heavy
metals, iron or aluminium.

DamClear SD is also used for soil erosion control on
farms during flood irrigation and on constructions
sites. DamClear reacts with sediment causing solids
to settle rapidly leaving a clear treated water. Both
anionic and cationic grades are available.


 Typical Applications
DamClear SD Flocculants are best suited to
applications that have a high flocculant demand or that
will operate for extended periods of time as this offsets
the capital cost for tanks, mixers & dosing pumps.
This product is suitable for applications that are
environmentally sensitive. Clarified water, will in most
cases be suitable for discharge to rivers and streams.
Road Construction
Clarification of storm water run-off in Sediment
Retention Basins for road, rail and tunnel
Dam Water
Clarification of clay contaminated river and dam
water for live stock, irrigation and horticulture
and for ascetic improvement.
Construction Sites
Clarification of storm water on building sites,
and commercial & residential developments.
Iron Removal
Clarification of iron contaminated ground water.
Trade & Industrial Wastewater
Clarification of trade & industrial wastewater to
remove solids and to thicken sludge.
Mines & Quarries
Clarification of storm water run-off from mining
operations & stock piles at rock, sand & gravel
quarries. Clarification of water from drilling operations
Biological Wastewater
Sludge settling aid and for thickening & clarification of
food processing wastewater and sewage wastewater.

Advantages Over Powder Flocculants
Dust Free
User friendly product, no dust dispersed in plant
area resulting in a safer work environment.
Self dispersing
No specialised wetting heads or venturi required to
pre-wet the product. Just meter SD Flocculants
directly into a mixing tank via a screw feeder. No
lumps & “fish eyes” due to poorly wetted product.

Ease of use
DamClear SD significantly improves materials
handling, simplifies floc mixing system design &
lowers capital cost & equipment complexity. Provides
a very easy to use product for plant personnel.

Free flowing
No special vibrator required to assist product
discharge from storage hoppers.
Large particle size
- In agricultural applications the larger particle size
helps to retain product in flooded irrigation furrows.
- In drilling applications improves polymer
penetration into deep bore holes.
- In water clarification applications, direct injection
enables “multi-stage” type dosing, for improved
performance and cost effectiveness.

Product Features

• Low application rates √
• Fast acting √
• Good aquatic toxicity √
• Safe for Fish √
• Does not affect water pH
• Low cost √
• Does not affect water
salinity √

DamClear SD is available in 3 grades, two anionic
polymer grades and one cationic polymer grade.

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