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Flocculant Solvent FS110-20L

Flocculant Solvent FS110-20L


Product Description
Flocculant Solvent aids the removal of flocculant
spillage from floors, stairs and walk ways and assists
the cleaning of flocculant batching equipment as well
as wetting venturi’s, eductors and wetting cones.
Flocculant Solvent makes flocculant
handling areas safer for plant personnel
Flocculant Solvent has been in continual use at
Water Authorities, Councils & mines throughout
Australia for over 15 years.

Product Features
• Liquid solution √ • Fast acting √
• Spray application √ • Low cost √
• Suitable for most flocculant spillage problems √

The Problem with Flocculants ......
Flocculants exhibit a strong affinity for water, moisture
and solid surfaces. Viscous solutions form on contact
with water resulting in dangerous slip hazards if spilt.
The strong affinity for solid surfaces results in surface
films which are difficult to remove.

 The Solution ......
Flocculant Solvent alters the physical and chemical
properties of the long chain flocculant polymer, thereby
eliminating the viscosity of solutions and reversing the
affinity for solid surfaces. After treatment a solid
residue remains which is easily removed, resulting in a
clean and safe work environment.

Where to Use Flocculant Solvent
Flocculant Solvent aids the removal of most types of
spillage that occur during the storage, batching and
dosing of flocculants. Apply it for cleaning ...
• storage hoppers
• metering systems
• batching systems
• floors & stairs
• eductors, wetting heads,
• wetting cones & venturi’s.

FS110 Flocculant Solvent
Formulated specifically for anionic flocculants.
Anionic flocculants typically find application in:
• mining and minerals processing
• trade wastewater treatment
• potable water
• paper making

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