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Turbidity Tube


Turbidity Tube



The turbidity tube is designed to be a simple easy to use device for measuring the clarity of water. It can be used in the laboratory as well as for field measurements.


• Easy to use
• Low cost
• Suitable for field use and laboratory
• Low weight - 100 gram (3.5 oz)
• Fast results


• The turbidity tube is supplied as 2 clear plastic 30 mm in diameter x 300 mm long Tubes.
• The tubes are pushed together, and a water sample is slowly added. The measurement scale is etched in black along the sides of the tubes and provides a measure of water clarity or turbidity.


Turbidity is used as an indicator of the total amount of material suspended in water. Turbidity can indicate the presence of sediment that has run off from construction sites, from logging sites, mining operations, agricultural operations and industrial discharges. It is also a factor in the suitability of water for drinking and for irrigation purposes. The more material that is suspended in water, the greater is the water's turbidity and the lower its clarity. Suspended material can be particles of clay, silt, sand, algae, micro-organisms and other substances.

Turbidity affects how far light can penetrate into the water. Natural (or background) turbidity levels in waterways vary from <1 NTU in mountain streams, to hundreds of NTU during rainfall or in naturally turbid (muddy) waters.

In some situations, the colour of water can give a false high turbidity, and if this is considered a problem, than colour should be measured separately. This is often
the case where there is a high amount of organic matter such as tannins in the water.

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