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Which FlocBloc grade should I use?

We have are two grades of FlocBloc readily available. Both grades contain a high molecular weight anionic polymer, with the difference being the amount of anionic charge associated with each polymer. FB-4308 contains a medium charge anionic polymer, while FB-4058 contains a very low charge anionic polymer.

Both of these grades are suited to treat water contaminated with clays and sediment and other colloidal sized particles often found in dams, and in most cases both will work equally well.

Below is a short guide that may help you decide which FlocBloc to use. Without any guidance, suffice to say that a majority of our customers use the FB-4308.


1)  FlocBloc FB-4308

Suited to applications that are:

  • Low salinity (conductivity lower than 5000 uS/cm)
  • Water pH of approx. 6 - 9
PURCHASE DamClear FlocBloc FB-4308 - 3 kg
PURCHASE DamClear FlocBloc FB-4308 - 1 kg 


2)  FlocBloc FB-4058

Suited to applications that are:

  • Medium to high salinity (conductivity higher than 5000 uS/cm)
  • Water pH that is tending acidic (pH < 6)
  • Where a coagulant or DamClear Clarity Aid pretreatments are applied prior to the FlocBloc.

PURCHASE DamClear FlocBloc FB-4058 - 3 kg
PURCHASE DamClear FlocBloc FB-4058 - 1 kg