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Free Water Assessment

We offer a chemical treatment assessment service for your dam water.

Send to us approx. 10 litres of your dam water that needs treating, and we will evaluate a range of products and tell you:

  •  The most cost effective product to clarify the water
  •  Application rates (kg or litres per million litres)
  •  Water quality results (turbidity, pH, salinity)

Questions to think about when treating your dam

  1.  What is the intended use for the water from the dam?
  2.  How long does the dam remain muddy after a storm event?
  3.  Has there been any recent repairs done to the dam?
  4.  Is the dam catchment area covered in grass, or is it bare soil, or is from a forested area?
  5.  Does the dam water come from a river, a catchment area, civil construction project, or from an underground spring?
  6.  What is the volume, or dimensions (including depth) of the dam?

Give us a ring or send an email so we know the sample is coming, then send to our Engineering office:

Environmental Warehouse

Level 6, 3-5 Stapleton Avenue




Water Quality Terminology

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DamClear Product Guide

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Application Guide: Water Treatment for Farms

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